Sound is the doorway to creation…

There is a virtual explosion taking place in the number of forms and practices that use sound as part of the healing process. My personal connection to sound healing has been through the combination of sacred geometry and sound with traditional Chinese medicine.

For almost two decades I have taught the principles of sacred geometry as a way of understanding the unity in all of life.  During that time I also studied and became a teacher of Acutonics ™, a system that applies tuning forks that are tuned to the specific frequencies of the planets and other heavenly spheres to acupuncture points and meridians located on the body. The sound not only penetrates these energy points as effectively as any needle, it also acts as the perfect carrier of intention… that unseen aid in any moment of healing.

The above video offers a brief look at how the combination of these lineages creates a powerful modality for change on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  It offers an introduction to a unique form of sound healing called The Fibonacci Process.

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