Class Tuition:$333

Prerequisite: Acutonics Level 1 or better is required.

The use of sound as a vehicle for healing is being recognized from a wide variety of healing modalities and systems. Truly, it seems that sound has a ‘voice’ that is rising from the very heart of the cosmos to offer its gifts. This workshop will provide instruction on a specific form of sound healing now emerging from the combination of knowledge contained in the lineage of 3 primary cultures and mystery schools that were seeded during the time of the fall of Atlantis. The workshop will outline how the culture and schools of Egypt, Tibet and Peru are brought together again to offer specific components to the sound healing process.

  • Egypt offers the knowledge of Sacred Geometry which, when applied through sound using the geometric ratios of the Fibonacci sequence, offers access to conscious dimensional movement.
  • Tibet offers the knowledge of the energy meridians and chakra systemand the use of sound frequency on acupuncture/acupressure points to stimulate energy movement. (See www.acutonics.com)
  • Peru offers the knowledge of the sound matrix and its connection toshamanic journeying and energy movement.

The FIBONACCI PROCESS recombines these 3 lineages into a single method by using tuning forks calibrated to the frequency of the Earth Solar Year and mapped to the Fibonacci sequence through an ascending series of ratios. The tuning forks are applied to the activation points relating to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels of the acupunture system. The connection to the body’s 8 original cells will also be shown and how this opens access to the Great Void.

Some of the benefits of the Fibonacci Attunement are:

  • precise balancing, alignment and tuning of the whole energetic system (meridians and chakras)
  • accessing the original energy “blue print” to aid in healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma
  • completion and healing of old habits and patterns that no longer serve
  • access to Akashic Records

This information is highly useful and valuable for those who are interested in the use of sound as part of their personal and public healing practice.

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