Emotional Mastery Workshops by Dorothy Wallis

I have been working for many years, in one way or another, with techniques and technology for assisting others to find their way into the space of the heart.  I feel strongly that this is some of the most important work that can be done in our time.   I have come to understand something in these years that is of great importance… that is, that many find their way to the heart but are not able to remain there.  This may be for many reasons… almost always having to do with fear, pain and trauma that makes it impossible to sustain the LOVE that is imperative for living in the heart.


More and more ways are being discovered to help us clear the cause of these issues.  I have worked with many wonderful individuals who have made it their life’s work to contribute in this task.  Now, I am happy to offer this connection to what I feel to be one of the most powerful and direct methods of self-healing.


The EMOTIONAL MASTERY workshop by Dorothy Wallis brings together techniques and knowledge that allows each person to know and understand what their emotions are trying to communicate to them and how to respond.  It is the most powerful practice that I have personally experienced and I believe it will help anyone who desires to know themselves in a more complete way.  Please go to the following link to learn more…

EMOTIONAL MASTERY by Dorothy Wallis.

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