Awakening The Illuminated Heart

I have known Drunvalo Melchizedek for 20 years and I am proud to call him a mentor, teacher and friend. I consider his work to be some of the most profound and important material in the world at this time.  That is why I taught the information known as The Flower of Life for over 12 years.  During that time I witnessed how people attending the class could assimilate more and more quickly what once took as many as 7 days to teach. The information Drunvalo introduced as the Flower of Life and the MerKaBa has become part of the web of consciousness and is readily accessible to all.

Change, it seems, is happening quickly these days…

In 2010, when Drunvalo asked me to begin teaching his information known as Living In the Heart, I decided to take full advantage of all of the work that had been done to date and to begin teaching in an entirely new way. So, for a time, I combined all of the information contained in Drunvalo’s previous workshops and books into one cohesive 4-day intensive program known as the LIVING IN THE HEART INTENSIVE.

Then, in July of 2011 we began Teacher’s Training classes for the new School of Remembering that Drunvalo established and a new name for this part of the work was born… AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART. This new name incorporates what has been known as the Living In the Heart workshop as well as the information that is now being released about the new way of activating the MerKaBa.

The information and method of teaching the MerKaBa had not changed since Drunvalo first introduced it in the mid-1980’s. Thousands of people have learned this form of the MerKaBa since then and it has had a significant effect on the development of human consciousness as we approach and enter this extraordinary time on earth.

In July of 2011, after 12 years of development through the Living In the Heart workshops,  Drunvalo introduced the next step… the activation of the MerKaBa through the heart. It changes everything. It is time once again to connect to our light body in this way… a way that is natural and complete… a way that opens the door to the Unity that lies within the heart. Once this doorway is opened life will never be the same.

Please click on “Upcoming Workshops” to find information on how to sign up for a class. I look forward to bringing this important information to your area.

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Awakening The Illuminated Heart

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Awakening The Illuminated Heart
Awakening the Illuminated Heart